Model of the Week - Eli Hunter

Eli Hunter is the Model of the Week for the week of August 23rd to August 29th. Eli Hunter is a versatile blue-eyed guy next door with a cut monster cock. He describes himself as a horny people pleaser. His fetishes include rimming, and dom. If you didn't get a chance to view his one hour feature show last week, be sure to check out his VOD section for the full hour of action.

Spencer Reed crushes Billy Baval and Dominic Pacifico

Hot Raw Bears

The fur is flying as so is the cum in Hot Raw Bears. Hot furry bears with big raw dicks fucking hot loads into tight furry buttholes. Grrrrr..."
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Soccer player Kyle York's ankle injury

Soccer player Kyle York's ankle injury has brought

Hot Italian Muscle Pup, Fabio Acconi

When you hear the name Fabio, you probably think of romance novels. And if I had to think of a gay porn star to be on the cover of a bodice ripping page turner, I would sure as hell put Mr. Acconi on top of the list. He has one of those broad defined chests that people spend years at the gym trying to attain. And his skin is tanned to a nice olive brown. Outside he begins to sweat in the summer heat and as it glistens, it shows off his defined biceps and abs. We needed to get inside pronto to get this guy naked. Fabio is a show off and he got hard just from being the center of attention.

Fabio Acconi

Trojan Rock and Vinnie D’Angelo Flip Fuck On The Job

Welcome to LA Episode 7 WEHO

Welcome to LA Episode 7 West Hollywood

If you been following the latest installment of the Randy Blue summer series, WELCOME TO LA, then you better hold on to your crotch, because we are entering WEST HOLLYWOOD, the gayest city on the gayest day of the year. PRIDE. And the pairing is going to be a doozy. ZANE PORTER and ANGEL SANTIAGO messed up their latest job which ended up with TYLER WOLF dead. Now they have a million dollar painting that Jordan wants and they are on the run. But Angel has a trick up his sleeve to buy them some time.

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